Sincere Yet Dishonest

People love blending in. And that is the social reality in many societies now as in most historical ones. In fact it takes quite some personal courage,considerable guile and perhaps a rare brand of hubris to stand out and be totally cool with being different and unique. On some subliminal level we want to pay attention to our uniqueness, but this is only for cosmetic purposes in order to appear before the public as mature and insulated from just being a replica in some generic crowd, instead of recognising the truth that life was meant to be lived in no other way other than as a function of self concept.



Stated differently, we want people to see our individuality and hopefully think of us as such and yet we take on the very lifestyle and ideas of populism and in the final analysis we really cannot distinguish ourselves from being exactly what we despise the most – a statistic! The notion of relatedness and the idea of belonging is what drives many people to take on the fashions of the day, to watch the popular movies, to read the ‘right’ books and basically conduct their lives as determined by mass allusion. The veneer of populism which veils many individuals and seeks to define them merely as cogs in a monolithic wheel that turns in a fixed direction, is the last bastion standing in the way of many lives standing on the brink of fulfilment and yet, by this thin yet powerful mental handicap, are held back and caged.

Standing out takes courage; you will be suprised how many people have abandoned some aspect of their lives and have taxed themselves silly due to this debillitating psychological hang up. Following personal truth does not constitute being random or abrupt, disruptive or argumentative. It means you know what you are about and you embrace your truth wholly. You are not gullible and fictitious or invented. It means your opinions are your own and you can distinguish yourself as an individual at all times. Do not be presumptuous or apologetic; for the gifts you have been endowed with are yours for optimal benefit and employ. By allowing others the power of attorney to settle your scope of influence, you have paid yourself the ultimate discourtesy and disrespect and disservice, because you have demonstrated inability to be an effective custodian of your own life by depending on others to define you in the way they choose and live their lives through you by proxy.

You can be 100% sincere about your heart being in the right place and not wanting to cause trouble and remain humble, but the fact is you can, while being entirely sincere, still be 100% dishonest about embracing your reality i.e your intellectual, spiritual and social depth or position or perspectives by merely wanting to blend in. What is this thing of blending in that people are addicted to anyway? It will disinherit your kingdom of uniqueness and disavow you of the lot that is rightfully yours, be yourself and do you. Unto thine own self always be true

By Nduluma Mwaba

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