A Friend A Month

By Lawrence Umukoro

In the business world, it is common practice to add a minimum of 10 “friends/contacts” per year to your social portfolio.

I put up a update last week on Ashdown’s 3rd Law…For those who missed it, here it is again…

“In the modern age when everything is connected to everything, the most important thing about what you can do is what you can do with others.”

The concept of a friend a month aims at widening your connections and knitting that your all important profile web in the business world. Now I am not asking for you to go out there and spam out all your mentors……..ok, wait a sec….”””diversion”””

Meaningful Digression
Since the beginning of the year, I have had the picture of my wife as my profile pic (on fb) and boooooooy have I got it bad. I cannot believe how many grown-ass, dry-throat, THIRSTY fellas are out there sending messages like…”Hey Girl”, “Hi Darling”..?????? Who the hell is your darling?? Me??? Even if you see the pic of a woman, what about the name??? Would you approach a beautiful lady named Lawrence??? Such extreme thirst. Anyways, back to my point..

…there are other creative ways to link up with one new business connection per month. Here are just a few…

– Industry events: Attend as many events as you can within your industry and take along business cards to network.

– Social media: More-like linkedin. If you see someone you want to connect with and you not sure how, go through a third party and ask someone you are already connected with to link you up through a good recommendation. Trust me, it always works.

– Your local church/group: Yes, many business men go to church – instead of carrying your bible and running out after service, spend a second extra and network – you never know who else is also waiting behind.

– Blogs: Find out if that potential friend has a blog and then follow him hard. Ask questions and comment on his posts. He will surely notice you and once you link up in person, it would be easy to make the connection.

– A friend of a friend: The concept of “6 degrees of separation” is very real. You are at most 6 steps away from Barack Obama.

As always, implement these ideas with wisdom and you will notice that as you add a useful contact you subconsciously drop a futile one.

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