Divorce is Trending

If you ask me, I would say ‘blame it on the Prenup’. The idea of a prenup directly contradicts the principles of the marriage institution. America boasts a hefty divorce rate of 50%  – so here is my question, what is the worst that can happen in a marriage that supersedes the commitment of “till death do us part”?


Here are some celebrity divorce headlines from 2011

  1. Mel Gibson Loses $425 Million to Ex-Wife in Divorce
  2. Maria Shriver Files for Divorce From Arnold
  3. Tony Danza divorcing after 24 years of marriage
  4. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony separating
  5. Christina Aguilera’s divorce finalized on April 15, 2011
  6. Demi Moore (49) and Ashton Kutcher (33) divorcing after 6 years
  7. Kobe Bryant’s wife (of 10 years) files for divorce
  8. Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days of marriage
  9. Crystal Harris (25) called off the wedding with Hugh Hefner (85).
  10. Kat Von D and Jesse James’ engagement is off, again.

In early 2012, we learned that

  1. Katy Perry is leaving Russell Brand
  2. Seal and Heidi Klum are calling it quits

Most of the marriages from the 2011 list (apart from lady Kardashian and Mr Playboy) had lasted for over 10 years, some even over 25 years – so where did it all go wrong? Why are divorces trending?



I guess we live in a generation where independence is celebrated and selfishness thrives. Instead of sitting back and working out the issues, the notion of taking half your cash and leaving ranks ahead of dispute resolution – forgetting that the toll of divorce on couples and their children can be far more devastating than it otherwise would need to be.


I don’t have much to say on this matter, was merely thinking in words (or as they say – blogging).


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  1. Bianca wrote:

    Love this article. Celebrities getting married is a joke. Maybe when they get married we should just say they’re “dating” because we know it won’t last. That way, the “divorce” rate won’t go up because they’re just “dating”.

  2. Stephanie wrote:

    I sooooooooooooooooooo Agree…. great blog!

  3. Lina wrote:

    I don’t agree with this prenup thing. People have lost the meaning of true love, commitment and we don’t know the real meaning of marriage anymore! Marriage is a covenant. Once we understand what that is, we would consider wisely when we decide who to marry and whether to divorce or not.