Go Where the Energy is (Follow-Follow Syndrome)

Go Where the Energy is

Belief in God is your choice. But whether or not you practice faith, as an entrepreneur, it is of the utmost importance to your success and prosperity that you grasp and take to heart the important, immutable, inarguable principle in one particular scriptural verse. It’s Matthew 25:29, and it states: ‘For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance. But from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.’

In your quest to position yourself as an industry expert, you need to go where the energy is…and hath!

I’m writing this aboard a Lufthansa flight, as I return from a hath-seeking trip to Dallas. I hauled my person, via two continents, to an important industry conference in order to learn. I paid for the privilege, but in reality, it will end up paying me. This is because by placing myself where the energy is in my industry, I not only took in Olympic pools worth of information, but perhaps more importantly, I got to bathe in the industry energy: the people, the connections, the inspiration of those who are making it big, the conversations that stirred my thinking like oars through a swamp, the observations that brought new oxygen to my business model like earthworms burrowing through old soil.

Just listening to others speak about how they go about their business was inspiring. And hearing the top players in my game speak frankly about earning their first million dollars – and subsequent millions thereafter – was a wake-up call. It reminded me that gears that should be gotten into in the posterior department. The energy created a sense of urgency for me.

The information was valuable. But the energy was priceless

Arnold Schwarzenegger owes his success to some fairly simple principles. Among others, he worked unspeakably hard, he was consistent, he sought out what worked and discarded what didn’t. But he was also a devotee of going where the energy is. Ever thought about that Austrian accent of his? Ever wondered why he didn’t become Austria’s greatest bodybuilder, Austria’s top paid actor and the governor of…Austria?

It’s because he moved to California, from whence the starburst of energy in the bodybuilding galaxy radiated, when he was only 21 years of age. He knew he had to be where the energy was. As you can imagine, uprooting yourself two decades into life in order to follow a dream must have required some immense levels of intentional discomfort.

The Art of Creating Intentional Discomfort

Comfort kills. At the conference I attended in Dallas, top international speaker Lisa Sasevich pointed out that ‘comfort is the wrong indicator.’ It is, actually, the enemy of wealth to a far greater extent than poverty is. Think about it: the poor will fight tooth and nail to survive and thrive. The comfortable can afford to wake a little later, work at slightly more leisure, put in slightly less effort, fill slightly fewer hours. Hunting starts earlier for the hungry. The hungry must always awaken before dawn…!

And so my challenge to you is two-fold: The first is to ask you whether you are comfortable; a disease with enough potential to see the East overtake the West in productivity. But forget macroeconomics. Let’s focus on you. Are you comfortable? Or is there an ember in you that could be fanned into full flame?

If you believe the ember is there, take up the second part of my challenge; go and have it fanned. You need to be where the energy is. Don’t allow yourself to fester and fail in the swampy backwaters. Place yourself consistently in the path of the energy, and more shall be added unto you. Through learning, inspiration, networking and connections, you shall hath until it poureth from your orifices.


By Douglas Kruger (www.douglaskruger.co.za)

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