Happy Youth Day !!!! Se Voet

Dear South Africa,

you party too much. Happy Youth Day!!! (Youth day se voet) – What are you celebrating? 40% of your youths are unemployed and even worse, 80% of those unemployed by your own standards are “unemployable” (a concept I do not believe in – but will save matter for another day).

Ironically, these same youths from the past whom you now idolise and commemorate were in their uniforms when they decided enough was enough. I bet 90% of your so-called youths of today have no clue about the genesis of the 1976 uprising. Here is a reality check, these guys were not necessarily fighting an oppressive government, NO, they were fighting their education system.

When last has your youth of today complained about their education system? Instead the bulk of them crave for the establishment of a 30% pass mark in the name of “previously disadvantaged”. | Amadioha |

Your youths these days are more concerned about “who twerked it best” and how many orgies they can attend over the weekend in their school uniforms whilst recording with their cellphones. | Abomination |

South Africa boasts the most public holidays of any developing nation in the world and on Monday, yet another day will be set aside to commemorate or should I rather say ‘party-out’ what you call “Youth Day”.

There is a major problem with the definition of youth in South Africa. Many countries around the world are redefining youth and pulling the upper bar down to 30 years but no, South Africa is looking at extending the boundaries to 38. How can a 38 year old man be placed in the same boundary as a 14 year old boy? How can a country apply the same rules to a father and a son?

I am barely 30 years old and all the irresponsibilities of youth have long gone off my system. Do not get me wrong I still have the energies of youth and still live in the days on my youth but I am everything but youth. Call me youthful but not youth, I am a grown-a** man. 

– Scrap youth day, for the youth of today dishonour the dead and bring shame to the living

– Scrap youth day for you confuse folly, foolery and insensibility with youthfulness.

– Scrap youth day because for every alcohol consumed and life consequently lost this long weekend, you indirectly spit on the graves of those who effortlessly gave up their lives for your “betterment” today.

Until change comes, I suggest that on June 16 of every year, you must all gather together in black robes and shed tears for heros past and for losers present.

The same Madiba you so passionately revere today was indeed a “youth” when he decided enough was enough and took matter into his own hands.

I challenge all South Africans reading this post today, both young and old, change your prayer points from ‘Healing for Madiba’ to ‘Healing for your youths’ – for the night commeth when all things youth will disappear from your youths…then what?

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