“Hardwork” Does NOT Pay

By: Lawrence Umukoro

For starters, there is no such word as ‘Hardwork’ – not even in the dictionary. Do an online search and I doubt you will find a clear meaning to that silly word. The closest you would find is a phrase that combines the words ‘Hard’ and ‘Work’. I personally only found out recently that hard work is actually a phrase and not a word.

So where did all the talk of “Hard Work being a positive thing” come from? I personally think it comes from the word “hardworking” – although there is no such word as ‘Hardwork’ it is possible to be ‘Hardworking’  In defining the word ‘hardworking’ one starts to understand the intended concept of ‘Hard Work’. We all know who or what a hardworking person is, most of the times it is NOT a person that does hard work.


With reference to the picture below, if you had walked into the gentleman 5 minutes before he “climbed” up his construction, you could easily consider him as a hardworking fellow, carrying around tons of ladders and stacking them on each other. But if you came by 5 minutes later, you’d discover he was nothing but a hard worker.



I love visiting the gym and I find it to be one of the spots most abundant with hard workers and few hardworking people. My point is simple, crossing from the threshold of hard work to hardworking requires some sort of education. Being in the know removes the hard from ‘hard work’ and automatically makes you a smart worker. Only smart workers can be hardworking


When you work smart, you don’t really need to be schooled about perseverance – continuous smart work makes you seen as hardworking. Look at it this way, if there is a more productive way of getting the work done then you are NOT hardworking but a hard worker.


Lifting a car with your bare hands to change tires is ‘hard work’; using a jack to lift the car will see you fix a hundred more tires than the other fellow and thus making you hardworking.




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