How Do I Look?

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Stepped into this club, most eyes on me. Trying hard to keep the swaying of my hips uniform and not to twist my ankle as I confidently catwalk to the pre booked VIP table in my 6.5 inches. As I sit there with my girls, having drinks and laughing away, couldn’t help but notice that a certain pair of eyes was on me.

Could it be the way my long golden curls fall seductively over my shoulders? My blue eyes perhaps? Or was it the way my double Ds popped outa my tiny little black number as my petite behind tantalized your eyes?

Or are you into the diva type? Did you also experience a moment’s delusion of imagining if your glass of beer could actually rest comfortably on my apple bottoms as my chocolate-covered body danced passed you on the dance floor?


I noticed how your friend whispered in your ear as your gaze left my face and traveled to my hips. Noticed that they don’t lie? My golden brown skin is natural too and so is the Spanish accent you will hear later on.

Tell me again…. (2 b continued)  

Terry K

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