Monday Blues Theme: Open Thy Ears



During the #CSMensConference on Saturday, I tweeted the following – 

“Blindness separates men from things… But deafness separates men from people”

– As outstanding as that statement was to me, it took an intervention yesterday for me to completely realise the true punch.

I had been battling with a semi-blocked, water clogged left ear for 2 days and yesterday whilst I was delivering a Keynote at the Junior Achievers Conference in Johannesburg, I made a practical discovery.

When your ears are blocked out or closed up, all you hear is yourself. This had been the case with me. Since my left ear was blocked, each time I spoke, my voice sounded louder in my head and uncomfortably annoying.

I then played a prank with myself, I closed my right ear and VOILA – not only was I completely deaf to my environment, all I could hear was myself and LOUDLY.

“Blindness separates men from things… But deafness separates men from people”

The profoundness of the above statement was immediately surreal to me (24Hrs later). I then cast my mind back to moments when I played a leadership/management/follower role and had blocked ears – moments when I failed to listen to comments, suggestions and complaints from both peers, subordinates and customers. WOW – I thought, I had been disconnected and the consequences in most of those situations were dire.

I relayed the Eureka moment to the learners at the conference yesterday warning them strongly to avoid blocked ears but deep down, I was the biggest student in my own class.

Here is a Monday Quote in closing!!!!

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of humanity.” – Martin Luther King,

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