My Bride in 50 Words


My Bride in 50 words

1. nice
2. sweet
3. kind
4. talkative
5. determined
6. passionate
7. helpful
8. understanding
9. sympathetic
10. smart
11. friendly
12. diplomatic
13. sentimental
14. organised
15. dependable
16. tolerant
17. modest
18. romantic
19. reflective
20. confident
21. knowledgeable
22. trustworthy
23. polite
24. cheerful
25. observant
26. logical
27. sensible
28. engaging
29. cute
30. aware
31. dedicated
32. loving
33. reciprocating
34. meticulous
35. naughty
36. patient
37. loyal
38. fashionable
39. encouraging
40. simple
41. compassionate
42. forgiving
43. admiring
44. cheeky
45. grateful
46. silly
47. faithful
48. caring
49. considerate
50. apologetic


Could it be you?


  1. Helen Ramabya wrote:

    Wow u found a way to put what u want in a box of 50 characteristics. Question is are u looking for one woman 2 fit the entire criteria? What if she meets most of it but ur not at all atracted 2 her or what if she berely meets them bt you can’t get her out of ur mind? Humman beings are complex n its dificult 2 select their features like you would with machinery.

  2. lawUMK wrote:

    Wow Helen thats a lot of questions you got there, let me try answer them all:

    1) Yes, it has to be one woman. I’m not a fan of polygamy
    2) If she meets all of it, then I HAVE to be attracted to her
    3) If she barely meets them then I doubt she would find herself in my mind

    I understand what you mean Helen, lets just call this a wish list for now…. or is it?

  3. Bianca wrote:

    I applaud you for listing so many qualities. I couldn’t think of so many. I don’t always know what I like until I’ve experienced it but I’m finding a lot of new qualities to add to my list as I go along. I’m probably at 15 now (trying not to be too fussy)