My Top 5 Movies for 2011

By Lawrence Umukoro

I am a fan of good movies. If you want to get to know me better, watch the movies I recommend and you will have a snippet of the happenings in my lil head. Some of my favorite old-timers include:

  • The Sound of Music (1985)
  • The Burning Train (1980)
  • Coming to America (1988)
  • The Promise (1982)

Go out to your movie retail outlets and get the above movies if you have not seen them before. They are great films.

From over 100 movies I have watched in 2011, I have compiled a short list of my Top 5 movies – They should be added to your MUST-WATCH list urgently. I will not give any reviews or summaries on these movies until you have watched them, then we can engage. In no particular order:

– The Artist –

– Money Ball –

– A Separation –

– Drive –

– Midnight in Paris –


  1. Bianca wrote:

    I am pleasantly surprised at most of these. Very sophisticated movies. I loved ‘Midnight in Paris’ (and it’s really weird watching a movie when you’ve been to the locations they use).

  2. Bianca wrote:

    How to describe it…. It’s feels like I’m in the movie. Kind of like a 3D experience because I have a panoramic view of that entire place in my memory so while I’m watching that one scene, it’s like I’m there with the characters.