Police Brutality in South Africa

By Lawrence Umukoro:


When you watch the latest “Police Brutality video” making the rounds (watch here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMRBtlCYobU), what you immediately see is a thorough exposé of the immense lack of training of members of the South African Police Services. Everyone could see that the deceased was clearly resisting arrest but it is at this point good police training should have kicked in.

As a trained policeman, you can tase the suspect with a stun gun, gain control over him and then place him in the back of the van. Another brilliant option is to get angry and handcuff the suspect to the back of your van (with the rest of his body lying on the street) and proceed to drag him through to the station. C’mon now, you are above the law… the choice is yours…

Looking at the outcry from many people on social media, “Xenophobia” seems to be a trending point to this particular case, I however have a different spin on this. Look at these questions:

– Are all foreigners in South Africa, African? Meaning, is every non-South African currently living in South Africa a black person?

– When last did you see a white person (foreign or local) – become a victim of police brutality?

– In your wildest dreams, do you believe the bravest South African policeman, in his right mind, will chain up a “white man” to his van and drag him through the streets…???

Let us rewind back 2 weeks. Remember when Mr Hero Pistorius was arrested for premeditated murder, did you see the manner in which police officers escorted him (like whores guarding their pimp) to the courts. This is a man you suspected has killed someone…”If there is any justice in the world” – shouldn’t you have chained him up to a van and dragged his behind all over Pretoria??? In fact, you can clearly hear one of the policemen in the Pistorius video, pushing aside by-standers and asking them to move away as they marched with their “white” Hero – – – but 2 weeks down the line, you take the life of a (black-foreign) man who illegally parked his taxi.

Here is my conclusion – If you happen to find yourself in South Africa as a foreigner, try and be white. White is cool, white rocks. The odds are in your favour. Your skin colour gives you impunity. Hommie, you are untouchable. You will never be stopped by the road side and asked for your passport PLUS when you interact with the locals, the default language spoken to you will be english – because you are thought of as a white South African. Uhmmmm – COOOOOOOL

Alternatively, if you happen to find yourself in South Africa as a foreigner and you cannot be white, avoid being Zimbabwean or Nigerian. Your chances of survival is halved. If you happen to be Somalian, refrain from opening a spaza shop (especially in townships), if you are pakistani, DONT SELL CELLPHONES. If all fails, buy some good bleaching cream and bleach yourself white.


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