Rape In South Africa

By Lawrence Umukoro


Pastor arrested for rape in church
Rapist found asleep on granny’s bed
Man suspected of raping niece, 3
Raped granny, 94, begged attacker to stop
Man arrested for raping 13-year-old
Man in court for raping granny, 93

So these were the headlines I woke up to today. Shocking u might say??? No!!!! The evils of rape has been so absolved into the culture and tradition of most people here and headlines such as these is no more shocking than Bafana Bafana losing to Mali.

Yesterday, there was so much talk about rape both on Radio and on social media with the hash-tag: stoprape (#stoprape) trending globally on twitter and Facebook. Many people posted pictures in honour of the late Booysens who was recently raped and subsequently murdered. One radio station in South Africa took to a campaign yesterday to broadcast a beep a every 4 minutes in correlation with the statistic that a woman gets raped in South Africa every 4 minutes. Even Chritisana Amapour from CNN covered the shocking news yesterday with Live interviews with some role players from Cape Town.

“According to rape.co.za, it’s estimated that women born in South Africa have more chance of being raped than learning how to read. The site also quotes a survey that was conducted amongst 1,500 Sowetan school children, in which it was discovered that a quarter of all boys said that “jackrolling” (their lingo for gang rape) was “fun”.” With statistics such as these, it is almost clear why South Africa is considered and remains the world rape capital. A country ripe with so much possibilities….Lord help us!!!

South Africa has in recent times managed blame all their major challenges on other foreign nations – drug and substance abuse blamed on Nigerians, overcrowding in rural settlements and xenophobic tendencies blamed on the existence of ethiopians and zimbabweans, poverty blamed on the Europeans, an appalling education system and every other problem not covered – blamed on Apartheid….. however the matter of rape is a home grown one and the people of South Africa must RISE UP and claim this one if there is any hope of it going away.

Tweeting a #stoprape quote or posting an anti-rape picture on facebook or a beep on a radio station will not end this scourge. Rapists are not on radio listening to your beep and saying – “oh, that beep hurts my soul, so I’m gonna stop”.. NO.. thats no what they doing. COSATU and the DA are hoping to “march” for rape…like they do with every other thing – Have these guys ever listened to a chat with a rapist? The trick here is majority of rapists do not concede their actions as wrong. They feel her skirt was too short and she was asking for it or the lil 3 year old will cure their HIV/AIDs ridden behind or maybe even the 90 year old granny looked sexy.

COSATU, DA and all of yall, please stop tweeting and marching, save your airtime, don’t bother. You can only change this phenomenon by attacking the rapists one at a time – with EDUCATION. Start building homes where men rise up to the occasion. A young man who grows up in a home where his father respects women and is taught right will not end up being a rapist. This divorce crap has to end – the nation has almost stopped pumping out real men..all you see now is broken homes and broken men. Women have a HUGE role to play in this.

I believe the odd guy who rapes a 3 year old baby should be hanged from his genitals – but hey, can we hang them all??? Even if we can, the mentality of rape will live on… we need to reverse the notion that sex with a virgin (or a pure woman as they say) cures AIDS. A 3 year old cannot even be called a woman, let alone a virgin. These folks need to be EDUCATED. Stereotypes need to be broken, hearts needs to be ministered to and souls need to be changed.

In a country where the number one citizen does not believe that one woman is enough – how easy is it then to convince his subordinates of the otherwise?


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