Shower Power

By: Lawrence Umukoro

Anytime I get into the shower, my mind starts to wonder, – Many ideas that have come to me and important decisions I have made have mostly been born from my shower moments.

Why does our mind assume a state of ponder when we take to the shower room? Is it because we strip to the bare and come physically close to nature? Could it be our mind’s own was of trying to renew itself just as we are about to do the same to our bodies?

Many times I have gone into the shower confused only to have my Eureka moment – not once or twice but in many many instances. Could it be that just like aromatherapy, the warm fragrances and scents of bath oils and expensive soaps play tricks on our minds and send us into calm mode where infinite reflection is possible???

People talk about sleeping over matters, most of the time, you actually shower over matters because you would usually reconsider the matter once in the shower. The shower has the power to break the strongest heart into tears, it also has the magical power of transforming nobodies to world-class musicians.

I think our minds have a way of syncing with the hammering sounds of water droplets reverberating on tiled walls thus creating reactions in our subconscious that automatically awaken our critical thinking, Hmmm. I could only but wonder – or maybe it’s not about all what I have just said but simply the fact that solitary confinement brings about a state of ponder. I stand perturbed. Heading to the shower now to “shower over this matter”.


  1. Sonia wrote:

    It s almost as if the water from the shower head penetrate your brain cells, washing away all barriers, fears and whatever limitations one puts on oneself.. Water is indeed LIFE.

  2. Mai Ruvarashe wrote:

    Firstly Lawrence where do you get the time to blog?? I have a long list of things that you could give you to do with all this free i completely baby girl’s name Ruvarashe meaning God’s flower came to me while taking a shower 5months pregnant..i strongly believe God speaks to me when i shower..i have had answers to many issues in my life.. Awesome article Lawrence

  3. Lina wrote:

    Too true, I can so relate to this.

  4. Lina wrote:

    Yes, I’ve has similar experiences. The tears, hard decisions, God speaking to me on various issues.
    The shower is where I decide to forgive a person or not, whether to say yes to that guy hitting on me or not, where the hurting heart finds total healing, where deep conversations with the Man upstairs take place, where I tend to find myself and discover new facets of me. Where I either choose to give up or keep on at it. Inspiration, motivation, self encouragement, creativity and innovation take place.