Swag Jacking

By: Lawrence Umukoro

It is critical to know where the ‘inspiration’ line stops and the ‘swag-jacking’ line starts.

If you are unsure what swag means, take 5 minutes off this blog, log on to google and type in the word “swag”.. done? Then type in “Young Nucho and Lil Wayne”… done? Lets go.

My Thoughts

I personally feel that Young Nucho was a victim of his own “success” – period and as far as swag jacking goes, I think he is completely INNOCENT. Young Nucho sincerely looks like Lil Wayne,..


  1. Raymond wrote:

    True, there is some resemblance between the two.. BUT! The swag-jacking started when Nucho went and tattooed his whole body (just like Wayne), chose to dress in Skinny jeans, basket ball jerseys and caps (Just like Wayne), and the long dreadlocks? He even went as far as “Hype-jacking” by showing up at a Club where he knew Lil Wayne was to make an appearance later on… Word has it he was mistaken for Wayne and people flocked to take pics with him..

    I think “swag jacking” is an understatement when it comes to the Nacho vs Wayne case.. Nacho shoulda been prosecuted! This right here is “Identity Jacking”!

  2. Bianca wrote:

    Okay, let’s say Nucho wasn’t even trying to look like Wayne; that he was just ‘blessed’ with the Wayne-like looks he has (they say we all have a doppelganger). But if Nucho really wanted to stand out as an artist he would have tried to GET HIS OWN STYLE. Go for a different hairstyle or clothing style or do something different! I think he likes the idea of being a celebrity lookalike. Easy fame?