Terminal A4

By Lawrence Umukoro



As I sit alone at terminal A4 of John F Kennedy Airport waiting to connect my flight to Lagos I am worriedly thinking on how I would handle the long flight. New York to Lagos is about 10 hours.

Shortly after take off, I switch on my laptop, scroll through my media folder and pull out the movie 127 Hours. The movie started slow, dragged a bit and then climaxed about 70% in. Well, I cannot say much about the movie but “please, watch it”. The movie is about a guy who finds himself literally between a rock and a very hard place. Right at the end of the movie, I notice a lose tear drop escaping my left eye. Luckily for me, the lighting in the plane was a bit dim and no one could see I had given into the sorrow and pain of Aron Ralston


  1. smurfy wrote:

    U cried?? For real? How sweet :)