The Bold and The Beautiful

Another Submitted Article By: Terry K

He had been taking the 07:11 Bus for a little under  2 weeks now when his eyes finally locked hers for the very first time

He had in fact noticed her the 1st day he took that bus but she has always looked so engrossed in whatever reading material that rested on her expertly crossed slim legs.

As he climbed on board the 07:11 on the 11th day, he noticed she wasn’t reading today.  He noticed how she had placed her right elbow on the windowpane and how her chin rested elegantly on the back of her hand as she stared outside.  He also noticed the gold chain that was stuck in her plunging V-necked long-sleeve white Tshirt. Her legs were crossed. As usual. He noticed how short her red skirt was and how it left exposed a pair of satin skin looking thighs. He imagined himself getting the seat opposite her, gently un crossing those legs while staring deep into her eyes, then pulling her onto his laps as he pulls the skirt up her waist whilst frantically squeezing her soft derrieres and then mobilizing his hands to unlock her bra… He imagined how cooperative her full rack would be after being freed and how they d do absolutely anything to reward him for this gentlemanly deed! He smiled to himself. And at this point the bus came to a stop.


Something stirred in his loins.. he quickly looked at his belt to make sure that it was loosened only in his imagination and not on the bus.

He looked over at her again. She still had the same posture.  He could not believe how oblivious this woman was to all the men that were completely taken by her on this ride. She was completely unaware of the commotion she was causing in many a pair of pants as she stood up from her seat and slowly swayed her hips to the front of the bus.

This was her stop. He stood up too. He knew he d eventually have to walk for another three to four blocks ahead but he had to talk to her. Today.

He got off the bus just behind her, gently grabbed her arm. She stopped walking and turned to look at him. His heart skipped a beat. He blurted out :”Pardon me mam, but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.y Can I please walk you to your destination?”

Their eyes locked for a few seconds. Then she finally smiled and said: “Glad you finally got the courage to do what I have been waiting for you to do for almost two weeks now!”

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