The Significance of our Significance

By: Lawrence Umukoro

It is a proven fact that only life can create life. This statement remains true regardless of the scale you look at it from. I’m not a believer in evolution simply because science cannot be trusted – they change their “findings” once new information presents itself. Putting your faith in such a faculty is risky.

If indeed we evolved, why has evolution all of a sudden stopped. Why have apes decided not to transform into humans anymore or frogs turning into chickens? It just doesn’t add up. Looking into the broader universe brings more light to the impossibility of evolution. How come faraway planets in our solar system still revolve around the sun? How come humans cannot survive in the very hot Venus or the freaking cold Mars? It points at one fact that we were meant to be here on earth and no where else.

It may be argued that we have adapted to our environment, but why has nothing else adapted to planet mars? its just a vast space filled with rocks – surely it should have some sort of “adapted life”.

Let me speak like a scientist, “we are alone” at least for now. If there exists a chance that we are not alone, then whosoever/whatsoever exists is entirely different from us and theif existence may not necessarily be referred to as “life”. What does this mean? I believe it means that our physical presence at this moment is significant. However, looking to science alone will NEVER reveal the ultimate significance of our significance.

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