The Time Factor

By Lawrence Umukoro

A good idea (today) does not always automatically translate into a GREAT opportunity (for today).

I often receive messages from peers asking me to evaluate/comment-on (or sometimes even invest in) potential business opportunities and great revenue-generating options they may have come across – and in most instances, after I ask the “timing” question, major loop holes in these disguised opportunities and how it affects their current situations are exposed.

Many times, I come across as a ‘party pooper’, and then I usually have to repeat the following statement:

“I didn’t say you cannot do it, just don’t do it now”.

Conclusion::::: when next that great idea comes to your head, don’t immediately rush into the investors lounge rather FALL BACK and try placing that idea (and its execution time frame) on your life’s timeline and you might find out it doesn’t even fit in at all, let alone at that particular moment.

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