Just visited an ATM, inserted my card, cash popped out, I pulled it out and walked away.

Whilst driving back home, I began to ponder on the subject of trust – especially in the spiritual context. I am not sure when last I left a matter comfortably in the hands of God without worrying about it.

My trust for ATMs is such that I know that each time I ask for cash, it gives me the exact amount – I trust these ATMs to the extent that I don’t even have to count my money after pulling it out, I just know it’s all there.

I walk into lifts in shopping malls and climb escalators at airports with so much trust in the engineers who have completed their work “knowing/hoping” that the lifts wouldn’t fail or the escalators break apart.

I am praying that one day I am taken to that height where I can trust in God even more than I currently trust these random man made machines.


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