Upgrade Your Association

By: Lawrence Umukoro 

Congratulations, you probably by now have broken all your “realistic” resolutions for 2012 and feeling kinda down on your not-so-persevering attitude – well join the club, you are not alone. I for one made sure not to make any resolutions this year (the first time ever just by the way) but after reading an online post late last year from a friend, I made a note to myself of my overall goal for 2012 – “UPGRADE MY ASSOCIATION” –



“There is Scientific proof that our daily mood and state of mind is influenced by everything from our genetics to our social circles. Whilst we can’t change the way we are put together, we can at least wrestle back control of the people we allow into our lives.”


It is obvious that every class of society contains its fair share of negative fellows, hence the thinking I am adopting moving into the year does not lean more on the concept of changing bad friends and/or evil communication, but about choosing friends vertically upwards on the prism of societal hierarchy.

Instead of kicking it with my childhood friend from way back, I want to have coffee with a CEO from Fortune 500, play golf with Warren Buffett’s grandson, share a joke with former President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, or take a shot at poker with Puff Daddy.


My goal is simple, get in the mix, spend time with highly successful people, share my thoughts with folks way ahead of my time and hoping that as I Upgrade My Association, I find the tools necessary for me to get to where I really want to be and in good time.



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  1. Naniboi wrote:

    Totally feeling you on this one!!! Well written,keep up the good work